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Homi stands for Humans of my Institution.

We connect you with problems worth solving, and the people within your communities working on them.

Meet Sam

Sam doesn't know what she wants to do, but she knows what problems she wants to solve.

Homi connects Sam to people and opportunities within her communities.

Now Sam is at an organization with people she likes, doing work that matters.

Meet two people that Homi helped just like Sam:

"When I felt like I wasn't making much progress during my senior year job search, Homi helped me get directly into the inbox of the CTO here at Sezzle. I have enjoyed my job ever since. Thanks, Homi!" -Nathan Mannes

When Homi partnered with Jamf, three of our users had final round interviews, one of whom was hired and then promoted in under six months. That was Phoebe Smith. Now she's referring students from her school into her company.

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