Digitize your career story

We host you for a HomiTalk.

We clip the best parts and add captions.

Your stories teach and inspire people in your community.


How does a HomiTalk work?


We do our homework and send you a run-of-show with list of questions.


We have a conversation about who you are, what you do, and how you got there.


We clip ourselves out, add captions, and create short soundbytes of your story.


We put your story in our library, but you can also share it across the internet.

For People

Pay for yourself

Build your personal brand

Your stories have power. They have the ability to influence, to teach, and to inspire the next generation. 

Own your career data

You control your content. We send you the .mp4 clips. You can decide if you want your stories on Homi. If the answer is no, we'll take them down.

Save Time

Every time someone listens to your career story, it's one less time you have to repeat it. 

For Companies

Sponsor your employees

Improve Candidate Experience

Embed short videos into your job postings that help candidates understand the company culture, through candid employee stories. 

Scale Recruiting

Every employee becomes a resource that your recruiting team can tap to access a new talent community. 

Employee Engagement

Give leaders in your organization a platform upon which they can teach, inspire, and recruit through storytelling. 


Don't take our word for it

“Wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for putting this together. There is very clear value here. A product that makes it easy to create these more personal and insightful landing pages plus facilitate things like the webinars has a ton of value.”

“I did a HomiTalk about my career journey. We took a short clip of my 'Why' and posted it on LinkedIn to market a national conference I was directing. The post did 10,000+ views and let me engage with attendees in an authentic and asynchronous way, prior to meeting them in person."

"In transitioning from a neuroscience PhD to data science, I watched short videos on Homi of a data science manager at Stripe who had a very similar journey. I was able to reach out with context and have an informed conversation, which saves time and is much more productive and enjoyable than 'networking'."


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