What does Homi do?

We help you record your story in short videos so that you can use it to help yourself and others. 

We have multiple recording options. The fastest way is our self-recorded Q&A experience. You listen to questions, record your answers, and end up with digital content that you can use anywhere. 

We also have a HomiTalk option, where we host you for a long-form conversation and clip that into short videos. This is very time intensive on our end and is pricier, but a good option if your firm is paying for it. 

Why should I tell my story?

We are giving you a reason to tell your story. You can speak authentically about who you are and how you got here. The content you create will then allow you to scale your time, presence, and influence.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who has benefited from those who came before them, and wants to help those who will come after them. 

Lawyers are currently our power users, but we think storytelling can be applied to any profession and any community. 



Launch your career story.

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Give your community a platform to teach and inspire. 

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